Split NEONS / SHOCKTILT has been out for a few weeks now, and is already sold out nearly everywhere. Go here to see which distro still has some left.
(pic by Fieldwork distro, NYC, sold out too)

I’ve just started a database that will feature movies, documentaries and mondo movies, and I think educational and propaganda films as well. I only put a few mondo and documentaries for the moment but there is a lot to come ! Go take a look, watch as much shit as possible and share the page!

You can now go to to read articles, interviews or reviews. I’m putting some old archives from Sex Before Suicide and Neons fanzine as well as some new ones to come soon.


The Where to find Neons section has been updated.
I’m actually working on the next issue, will be brutal and great I think. With an extra limited edition full of surprises.

And from France to the US to the Netherlands, Australia, Germany, UK, Russia, or Spain. The Neons Army is getting stronger !

Michael Krakmo
Hans Minkes
I did a reprint of 200 copies for Neons #2. If you missed the first one, contact me and grab one cause it is the LAST PRINT I’ll make for this issue.

Neons is sold out from me for the moment, I will reprint some soon.
Meantime, you can buy it on some distros or shops!
Go the section Where to find Neons

more infos here


And I made some compilations to go along with the reading of the zine.

There are two slowed down gritty hip hop comps. Tracklists are composed of Lil Wyte, Prophet Posse, Lil Ugly Mane, Al Kapone, Three Six Mafia, Gravediggaz, Project Pat, Mac Dre, Booba, Buschwick Bill, Onyx, Kaaris, Master P, Blaq Poet, Children of the Corn, Natas, Chrme, Lil Pen, Vald… And some samples from movies…

An other one is pure antisocial punk. With bands like Siege, No Trend, Out With A Bang, Flipper, Brainbombs, Homostupids, Fuck Ups, Sex/Vid, GG Allin, SQRM, Frantix, Crucifucks…


You can now download PDFs of Sex Before Suicide 1 & 3 and Neons 1 in their sections on the site. Or directly from Where Frost Reign ! Thanks to Tor Navjord and WFR for putting them online. This guy rules, that’s a fact.

Also you can keep helping me for the printing costs of NEONS #2 that will be available next week. Just send me a mail to or for more informations on what’s going on and on the content of the zine, go HERE

NEONS #2 will be available soon in every dirty alley

And you can follow us on facebook and tumblr: (even more filth, and you can also download Sex Before Suicide 3 and Neons #1 in pdf format) (to keep updated bitch)


NEONS ‘ fourth print is nearly sold out from me, but go to the section « Where to find Neons » to keep updated. You can find it nearly everywhere, Europe, USA, Australia.
Also, I will stop printing Meatdog’s zines Groin Gravy for a while cause I’m really broke and I don’t have too much time to go to the copy shop. I will print some again in the future don’t worry for those who wanted some desperately ha ha Suckers

Neons #2 is on its way, I hope it will be out around the end of February – early March, we’ll see!


Neons’s first two prints are sold out and the third one is nearly sold out as well.
So check out the section « Where to find Neons » to pick up a copy!

Neons #1 (Summer / Autumn 2014)

Sex Before Suicide is in a hiatus, so I did a zine all by myself called NEONS. Contents: an interview with the crazy skinhead from Melbourne, Meatdog. Talking about prostitution, street walking at night, his band Gutter Gods, Legions Noires and mostly hookers yeah. An article about bestiality in non porn movies. Blackface in modern society. Collages, and much more. 32 pages in english. 2 euros


people are idiots basically

Say youre a Human Toilet

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